"What goes on in our house stays in our house" is an irresponsible yet common response to a child's disclosure of sexual abuse. This statement is not only damaging and dangerous but perpetuates the cycle of abuse. Meet a courageous woman who disrupted the cycle by exposing an ugly family truth-a truth that came with shocking, irreversible, and devastating backlash. After choosing to breach peace with her family to have peace within herself, she understood the challenges that other survivors encounter while navigating through their disclosure and healing process. Her story of resilience delivers hope, promotes healing, and celebrates the survivors' restoration.


About the Author:

Ashley Nicole Cook serves as a director of a global nonprofit that empowers adults to prevent child sexual abuse. As an experienced motivational speaker, Ashley frequently shares her experience as a survivor of child sexual abuse, particularly in the faith community. As an Authorized Facilitator for Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children® she is devoted to addressing individual and social factors that influence adults’ willingness and ability to take action to prevent child sexual abuse. Ashley’s committment to help amplify the voices of survivors was birthded from her own experiences of being silenced after advocating for her healing through the gift of disclosure.

Defiant Girl: Living a Good Life After Trauma